Monday, November 17, 2008

alia celebration blend

Well... little Alia Rainbow was born on the 4th of November at 12.20am weighing in at a healthy 4.2kg - we had a home birth without complications, and a short 3 hour labor, and both mother and daughter are well and doing fine

So in Alia's honour I have created "Celebration Blend" which contains 50 / 50 Tanzanian 'Fire Estate' and Costa Rican 'Royal Tarruzu' AA - roasted for 17mins @ 235C on my gene cafe home roaster

And five days post roast the results are in the cup!

Thick and luscious crema which just pours and pours, with cinnamon, cardamom, and strawberry dominating the nose, and Persian Tart on the palate - complete with a lovely buttery texture, and firm, fleshy notes on the mid palate!

I could drink this coffee all day long, in fact, I do!

The caffeine content seems to be pretty gentle, it provides a pleasant buzziing sensation, but does not overwhelm, and high altitude coffee ensures low acidity, which is very gentle on the stomach

And the benefit of home roasting is that I know exactly when the coffee was roasted, so I know that I am consuming it in the 'sweet spot' window of opportunty, which for me is five to ten days post roast

Kind of makes it hard to go out for coffee though, which is probably just as well, as with a new child on board there is less demand to venture outdoors and more reasons to stay at home - makes sense when you think about it

Opps... baby is crying and its daddy's turn to comfort her so better go...