Saturday, May 30, 2009

some cool images of the cafe!

Following photos are of:
new coffee counters in Foxy, followed by the original and still working neon ice cream sign above the store, recent shot of my old cafe - Shanti Bhagwan, and me... looking like a dork!

Foxy Brown Espresso - the best damn brown in town!

Well... it's been a while since a blogged last and probably for good reason! I've been building my new cafe (that's cafe number three for me folks - you can't say that I haven't been around the block a few times! from the ground up!

Actually, that's not quite true - we inherited an 'empty shell' of a space - albeit a beautiful and functional empty shell of a space - a long and narrow room with front and rear courtyard and sidewalk trading - off the beaten track so to speak - as the cafe used to be a milk bar (read corner store or 'dairy' for you naughty New Zealand readers!) - so fortunately we have sidewalk trading as well with approved seating for 25 pax outside and another 30 inside - which is pretty ideal really when you think about it!

There are no other cafes in the immediate vicinity (ok so there are a few only a couple pf 100m away but who's counting!) and the new joint is located opposite the train tracks and half way between a couple of bustling train stations!

I haven't measured the distance exactly but I would say that we're probably no more than 5km from the CBD which is pretty bloody amazing when you think of it!

Its been a big job bumping in from scratch as we've had to put in plumbing and electrical as well, with all cabinets purpose built and the rear courtyard landscaped from scratch, but my new coffee machine - a purpose built BFC Synchro imported specially from Italty and customised to my own specifications - is arriving tomorrow!

Very, very exciting!

Hopefully I'll get some images up in the next day or so to make it a bit more interesting for ya'll!