Monday, November 29, 2010

what's hot at the fox?

What's Hot at Foxy?

Well... we are, apparently - having received a spate of positive publicity, which never goes astray
Also, we do not rest on our laurels, as we're constantly revising and refining what we do - so the food menu has had a few tweeks recently, in include a few more savoury items, to make it more 'lunch like' - and items such as the Foxy Fritters, which features gluten free zucchini fritters, served on a bed of avocado mash, served with a poached egg, and a side of feta optional = have been a smash hit
Also, we say a sad farewell to Head Chef Sophie, as she branches further abroad, and welcome back to Daniella - who is back in the kitchen and back from her tarvels
And of course we're constantly sourcing seasonally available fresh produce for our coffees, and to this extend our "Foxy Espresso Blend" has recently been modded to include some Sumatran Mandheling, Honduras Finca Santa Marta, Columbian Aesoeni, and PNG Okapa
And the old favourite Honduras / PNG combination has been revamped of recent times, with new materials being sourced from new (to us) estates, and re-braned as our "Sweet Maria's Blend" - back, you could say, by popular demand
But the thing I'm most excited about at the moment is our Filter Coffee, made on the Clever Coffee Dripper - we've created a purpose built work station to house the apparatus and al the associated paraphernalia, and I've ordered a truck load of exotic coffees from around the world, which I'm roasting myself very selectively for this unique application
And whilst I admit that Filter Coffee is not for everyone - there are some jaded palates out there who profess that espresso is the Chardonnay of the coffee world, and they're after a more subtle and refined taste experience, which showcases the terroir of the individual estate grown and single origin coffees - and its all about the Indian Monsoon Malabar for me at the moment, which to me at least tastes like a blend between a young Pinot Meunier, and an aged Arneis...
But then again I'm apt to wax lyrical and not adverse to a little purple prose when it comes to describing coffees - a throwback to my days as a sommelier perhaps?
After a bit of a mid winter lull business is booming (on weekends at least) - and I'm looking forward to a substantial break at the end of the year with my family, and I've been consulting for a new cafe development in Byron Bay - and I'm heading up there for opening celebrations next week!

when social networking goes wrong

Now it wasn't my original intention to offend but there's only so much a guy can take and I pride myself on knowing all my regulars and the coffees that they drink so I was genuinely concerned when this guy (who apparently is a regular he just doesn't (unlike me) wave a red flag every time he comes in, so he wasn't immediately obvious to me

Also I've been logging myself in on each visit of recent to see if I could bump the guy off or at least get a feel for how he's tracking - also i'd bumped him off as mayor a few times previously only to find that he'd reemerged next day

So I thought to myself - wow this guys here more often than me and still I don't recognise him - which is not to say its impossible just unusual is all

hell... i cant be expected to know every customer who walks through the door - in fact it would be impossible to do so - but I am naturally curious by nature - so when an anomaly pops up I usually want to investigate it - its part of what makes me so good at what I do, I'm always questioning always looking for a better way of doing things

So I dont want to blow this out of all proportion except to use this example as a cautious warning as to the joys and perils of on-line navigations, and to show that it aint always going to be a happy ending...

What happens next is anyone's guess - anyone up for coffee?