Thursday, November 24, 2011


Oh yeah, not a bad wrap in The Age Melbourne Magazine today - these figures maen that Foxy Brown is potentially in the running for Melbourne's top ten coffee destinations - according to The Age

Vote with your feet peoples!
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Shambles said...

Coffee guy! this has been driving me nuts. -- i love flat whites. i live in america (well hawaii, but sorta the states).. how do i explain a flat white to a seppo (oh, im a seppo) . i get the same irritating answers: "oh, so its a cappuccino, oh, its a latte with less milk" .. i always think.. if it was that they would just call it that... anyhow,,, what exactly is a flat white?

askthecoffeeguy said...

ok so the flat white originated out of the old style filter coffee topped with milk literally - literally it was flat and white!

I'd describe it as best served in a smaller 160cc to 190cc sized cup with a shot of espresso topped with say 120ml of flat (read microfoamed but not stretched milk

Sould build a gentle whirlpool in the milk jug whilst heating but without greatly expanding the milk (similar style as for latte art)

preheat the cup, run the espresso shot, steam the milk then pour it down the side of the cup to break the surface tension of the espresso and to allow the milk to meld and inter-fold with the espresso - strain off any 'foamy' milk as required when pouring (although really speaking if you've nailed your milk first time this shouldn't be necessary)

That about covers it i reckon!