Friday, July 31, 2009

Ridiculously long shots...

Being pulling ridiculously long shots on my BFC - I mean 50sec double pours into a single cup - its ridiculous!

But whether its the oversized heat exchangers, or the flow restrictors, or a combination of both - I dunno!

But the coffee seems to hold ist consistency without blonding - and without burning - and that can only be a good thing!

We're wielding 20gm baskets for the single handle, and some of the espressos I've been pulling are out of this world!

Looking forward top being open proper and blowing people away with the coffee quality. I don't want to blow my own trumpet but I think its fair to say that there aren't too many operators in my neck of the woods at least not within walking distance anyway of the cafe - who have the same coffee obsessive focus - whether this translates to additional sales or repeat patronage is yet to be determined

But I'm quietly confident that an espresso based revolution is underway and happening South-side!

Stay tuned for further progress!

coffee consequences

Well... we get there eventually! cafe's still not open but we're making some werious progree now - floor is done and heavy duty equipment is on the way including three door under-bar fridge, purpose built coolroom, and new six burner gas oven!

I'm also replacing my display fridge for one which is more functional: same specs but better shape and design to let more light into the space

We pulled apart the coffee machine today to have a good look at the steam production - as I have not been that impressed with how its been functioning

Noticed a longer than usual copper pipe feeding from the back and lower than expected of the boiler so we dropped water volume and boiler pressure to compensate

Also installed a nifty lever switch for steam production both for ease of use and to restrict flow - which seemed to do the trick nicely

Combine this with some dead sexy bell-bottomed milk jugs from Bombara Water Supplies and we're cooking with gas!

Now I believe that we have all the coffee elements working in harmony: great coffee blend and some amazing single origin coffees combined with a lot more versatility in the milk production = one happy camper!

Had about a dozen folks wander in off the street today asking for coffee which had me chuffed! I obliged of course to a chorus of ohhs and ahhs - you gotta be happy about that!

Gunna get the cash register installed pronto so we can start charging these folks for coffee I mean I don't mind giving it away but you gotta draw the line somewhere

Really happy with the coffee production overall - we've pulled well iin exccess of 500 shots through the machine prior to opening, which makes me feel a lot more confident about the product that we serve

Now t nail the milk and to shore up supply of the biodynamic product that we will be using, and I'll be a happy camper

Opening date T-minus three weeks and counting...

Laters, P